How To Record Noise From Upstairs Neighbor? In 5 Easy Steps

Is your loud, noisy upstairs neighbor troubling you? Are you not getting peace in your home because of the upstairs neighbor? People keep stomping all day, sounds or noise from kids running on the floor with bare feet, women walking on heels in the house, the sound of leather shoes striking the floor; all these noises might be troubling you all day or loud chit-chatting noises in the night. With so much disturbance in the house because of upstairs neighbors, you have thought about “How to record noise from upstairs neighbors.”

Usually, noises like these trouble people living in downstairs apartments, and the soundproofing of the ceiling are not appropriately made, or the celling does not even have any soundproofing.

Though these noises come and go in a short time, they increase your heartbeat to a high one at any time and raise your blood pressure, making you restless.

If such noises remain consistent throughout the day and night, you cannot get restful and sound sleep and start getting depressed and vulnerable to sounds.

It would be good to realize that you have to find some solution to stop the noise from the upstairs neighbor if you want your peace back.

Here we will discuss “how to record upstairs neighbor stomping” and confront them for troubling you and breaking your peace from unnecessary noises. But before let’s discuss why you get noise from upstairs neighbors stomping, what can you do about it.

Why Do You Get A Stomping Sound From Your Upstairs Neighbor?

How To Record Noise From Upstairs Neighbor

There might not be only one reason you get noises from your upstairs neighbor; it can be because of many reasons, or many things can cause might noises.

But if you are regularly getting a stomping sound from your upstairs neighbor, the most prominent reason can be interventional noise for some agendas.

One reason for your upstairs neighbor stomping can be because they want to draw your attention and tell you that you are also making loud noises or sounds that are disturbing them.

Another reason for stomping from your upstairs neighbor can be that they are trying or want you to stop making noise.

Nevertheless, it is often not about people who make noises in your upstairs apartments. Sometimes when you can hear loud downstairs neighbors or noises from your upstairs neighbors, they might be because of faults or flaws in the architecture of the buildings.

Excluding the newer buildings with sensitive constructions that were made one to five years ago, old buildings like those constructed ten years ago or even more can potentially have loose connections and broken pipelines.

And the noise of stomping that troubles you or your family downstairs might be coming from these broken or loose pipes. Because when these pipes get too old, they start producing weird noises beneath the apartment regardless of the movements (heavy or light).

What Can You Do About The Noise From An Upstairs Neighbor?

Noisy and annoying upstairs neighbors are among the most common problems for apartment owners or people who live in apartments but not on the top floor.

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Of course, one can tolerate noise occasionally coming from neighbors, but regular stomping sounds or noises are genuinely irritating.

They feel like something is hammering on your head; sometimes, homeowners might miss a heartbeat because of these noises.

These noises take away your peace and harm your mental health. If you are dealing with noisy upstairs neighbors, there are a few things you can do to try to mitigate the issue.

If you also get sounds like banging on ceiling with broom, walking or running noises, etc., from your upstairs neighbor, first, try to speak to them and resolve the problem mutually.

Confronting your neighbor in such a way can feel a discomforting task, especially when you have recently moved into the apartment. But this tactic can be worth trying as it will prevent unnecessary disputes or cold wars.

Sometimes your upstairs neighbor might be unaware of the amount of noise they are making and may agree to work with you in resolving this issue.

And sometimes, your neighbors might not create the noise or sound of stomping. As already discussed, there might be some issues with the building infrastructure making noises.

So before you jump to look, answer “How to record noise from upstairs neighbor.” First, try to discuss your problem with them, and if you are uncomfortable directly talking to them, you can write a note for them that the noise from their activities is troubling you and other downstairs neighbors.

If the talking or mutual discussion tactic does not work for your upstairs neighbors, you might have to take some significant steps to stop the noise from your upstairs neighbor.

If you live in a rented apartment, try to contact your landlord so that he can deal with them. And in case you live in a shared, rented home with tenants upstairs, contact the homeowner or homeowner association to get help from them if they can.

One more helpful tactic is getting some noise-canceling headphones or earplugs in your home. They are a great solution if you occasionally hear the noises because of parties or anything else.

But if you have to tolerate such noise daily, you can keep track of it by recording them with devices like a noise recorder for noise upstairs. With this device, you can also record your communication with your upstairs neighbors and use them as evidence if the matter needs to resolve legally.

You might wonder how to record my upstairs neighbor stomping with a recording device; don’t worry, we are here to help you with this. We have a step-by-step solution that will guide you through recording your noisy and loud upstairs neighbor.

Record Noise From An Upstairs Neighbor In Few Easy Steps

If you live in an apartment or condominium, you will most likely share walls with your adjustment neighbor and ceiling and the floor with upstairs and downstairs neighbors.

Living in an apartment is great because it gives chances to socialize with new people and effortlessly make new connections, but at the same time, it can be troubling if your neighbors are not sophisticated.

You might have to tolerate noises from your loud downstairs neighbors, upstairs, or even surrounding apartments.

Suppose you also tolerate such neighbors messing around or making loud noises and troubling you and your family.

In that case, you can record your upstairs neighbors stomping or even do the same for other neighbors. Suppose your neighbors are not aggreging or do not seem to resolve this problem with mutual understanding; recording their disturbing noise is the best option to confront them with the evidence so that they cannot deny their flaws.

And to record your noisy neighbors, you will need a recording device that can clearly and efficiently capture their noises. For example, if you are only annoyed with your upstairs neighbors, you can get a noise recorder for noise upstairs and record your upstairs neighbor effortlessly.

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Nevertheless, you can also use a digital voice recorder or a personal computer with a sound recording function if you cannot afford a recording device.

We think that you should not be stressed or spend a lot of money only for the sake of recording your noisy upstairs neighbors. So we have developed a simple process that can provide you with an excellent result, and your neighbor would not even know it.

Once you are done with arranging a recording device, you can follow these steps to know “How to record noise from upstairs neighbor:”

Step 1. Keep Inside Of Your Home Or Apartment As Quiet As Possible.

If you want to record noises from your upstairs neighbor efficiently, you have to prevent external disturbance or noise in the house from interrupting your recordings.

For this, you can shut all the doors and windows that transmit outer sound. Also, turn off the gadgets or electronic devices such as fans, washing machines, blenders, etc., which create some noise.

Step 2. If Possible, Lift Yourself Above The Floor Level.

No matter how tall you are, you cannot be tall enough to hold the recording device and record the stomping sound coming from your upstairs neighbor.

So instead, you can use anything that lifts you above the floor, such as a stable chair or furniture piece that can be placed in the noisiest area from where you can record the noise. This step is unnecessary, but it will provide you with better recordings of your neighbor that they cannot deny.

Step 3. Keep All The Mobile Phones Silent While Recording Your Neighbors.

If you are using your smartphone to record your upstairs neighbor, don’t forget to put your phone on silent mode before you begin the recording.

You have to be this cautious because even a minor alteration in the recording can block your legal right to use this recording against your troubling neighbors. Keeping your mobile phone on silent mode will avoid breaks while recording, such as calls or pop-up sounds, notifications, etc.

Moreover, to be relaxed, put your phone in airplane mode so there will be no notifications and calls. This is how to record upstairs neighbor stomping noises efficiently.

Step 4. Begin Recording When You Hear The Noise.

Keep your position ready and start recording only when you hear your noisy upstairs neighbor banging on ceiling with broom or start stomping.

When you get a hint of noise, reduce the sound in your home, take your position near the top, and start recording; for better results, place the recording device’s microphone or mobile phone near the area where the sound is loud.

Step 5. Pause The Recording When You Think Its Enough As Evidence

Though 30 seconds of audio recording can be enough to save your day, you can continue recording for a minute or two or even more if you are not satisfied with it.

So, this five-step process answers your question “how to record my upstairs neighbor stomping noises” straightforwardly.

However, if the stomping noise from your upstairs neighbor is a constant issue and they are not ready to resolve it, soundproofing your ceiling is worth it to get some peace and get rid of their annoying noises.

Soundproofing the house will be well worth it if you own the apartment, and it permanently solves your noise problem.

Is Recording Upstairs Neighbors Without Their Knowledge Legit?

So, now that you know about recording, your upstairs neighbors get to know and understand other aspects.

Before you jump to record noises from your upstairs neighbors, you must think about and care about a few things.

Most importantly, you must ensure that you are not violating any law while recording your neighbors.

Most of the time, you will require the consent of the neighbors involved in the matter to legally record their conversation or any sound coming from their apartment.

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Probably, it would be good to consult a lawyer or legal team and become sure about recording your noisy neighbors with a noise recorder for noise upstairs.

Typically it is illegal to record someone without their consent, and you can be charged for such actions. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you follow all the laws while recording your loud neighbors.

You have to keep some things in mind, even though it is legal to record your noisy neighbors. For instance, the recording you have must be clear; you should record the audio from a noise-free place, you need to use a sound recording device, and many such things.

If you are only a tenant in the apartment and don’t want to deal with the legal formalities or legal fights with your upstairs neighbor, it would be better to talk to your landlord or contact the cops to get potential help in resolving the issues.

The best thing you can do is change the appearance if possible and look for a building where you can have understanding and sophisticated neighbors.

What To For Reducing Noise From Upstairs Neighbors?

Even though you know “how to record noise from upstairs neighbor,” but cannot use the tactics and cannot manage to get help from someone else.

In such cases, you can use any of these noise-reducing solutions for your noisy upstairs neighbors. Indeed, you cannot leave your home because of others, but you can protect yourself from their annoying noises with these tactics.

Make your ceiling denser: Some scientific phenomenons prove that sound travels better on airwaves. So if you are getting too much noise from your upstairs apartment, it is possible that your gypsum board ceiling’s space and the joists are not well insulated.

And to dampen the sound from upstairs, you can install soundproof panels on your ceiling made of acoustic plasterboard and MLV. These soundproof panels are an effective sound barrier and absorb sound very well.

1. Insulate Your Home Ceiling:

Insulating the ceiling means preventing the transfer of air from its surface. And thus, insulation also prevents sound and heat transmission.

You can use any dense material to insulate your house ceilings like cellulose fiber, fiberglass, wool, or polystyrene because soundproofing depends on mass and density.

2. Acoustic Soundproofing:

Acoustic or soundproofing sealant is a durable and more permanent way of soundproofing than regular sealants. It remains flexible and prevents noise penetration from the ceiling for a longer time.

It comes in an easy-to-apply pack with a nozzle tube specially made for small gaps in the ceiling. Make sure that you fill all the holes; otherwise will continue to hear banging on the ceiling with a broom or other noises.

3. Cover Ceiling With Anti-Vibration Materials:

If you cover your house ceiling with anti-vibration mats or pads, you will forget to ask how to record upstairs neighbor stomping, as it will prevent all the stomping noises from penetrating the ceiling.

You can install sound-absorbing latex in your ceiling to get rid of noise coming from your upstairs apartments.

Also, it’s effortless to put this sound-absorbing latex on the ceiling as it does not require any tool; you only need glue to fix it on the outside surface of your ceiling.


How Can I Record My Upstairs Neighbor?

Move to the place where you can hear your noisy neighbors clearly and place the recording device close to the ceiling.

What Can I Do If I Can’t Find A Recorder?

If you don’t have a recording device to record your noisy upstairs neighbor, you can put your smartphone on silent or airplane mode and use its recording function.

How Do I Deal With My Loud Upstairs Neighbor?

The best way is to discuss your problem with them and if they are not ready for this, adopt the recording tactic or soundproof your ceiling.

In Conclusion – So, this is all about “how to record noise from upstairs neighbor” with a few simple steps. Also, we have discussed the ways to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors. However, whichever method you choose to deal with this noise problem, stay calm and polite because the situation will worsen if you become aggressive.

Indeed, the best option is to protect yourself from the noise rather than deal with unsophisticated neighbors and noise problems that are neither in your hand nor in your neighbors.

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