Learn And Understand How To Muffle Sound Of Dog Barking Effortlessly

Dogs are the best and most loyal friends to human beings, and no one can deny this fact. Those people are lucky who get to experience companionships of dogs and puppies. Unfortunately, these loyal friends sometimes become our and our neighbor’s worst enemies by disturbing our peace and sleeping with their loud barking. Most people have pets in their homes, and among those people, maximum shares their space with one or two or even more dogs and puppies. If you’re looking for the answer ‘How To Muffle Sound Of Dog Barking?’ So, read this article.

Though we all love our dogs or puppies very much, we cannot withstand their loud barking noise for a longer time, and so as our neighbors. The barking noise can become more frustrating, especially when your neighbor has a baby sleeping.

We can understand the situation of people dealing with such cases, and therefore, we have come up with something about what you could do when you think your neighbors or even you cannot stand the sound of your dog barking.

If you believe that your neighbors have had enough of this noise and are about to report your barking dog or file a complaint against it, continue to read below to find the answer for how to muffle dog barking.

Fortunately, we have found some tips and tricks to muffle the sound of your continuously barking dog so that it cannot disturb other people living around.

The best way to muffle the noise of your barking dog is to make your home or the room soundproof where the dog is living. So, you can install draft stoppers under the doors and get inserts on your windows across the house or in a particular room. Additionally, thick curtains, canvas paintings, bookshelves, or something like this can also help you muffle the barking sound of your naughty dog.

Why Do You Often Hear Dog Barking Sound From Your Dog?

How To Muffle Sound Of Dog Barking

Sometimes dogs bark for a worthwhile cause, such as protection or alert owners about any intruder. On the other side, sometimes dogs bark for no apparent reason. Their odd barking behavior can mostly be because they want your or any family member’s attention or some food they like.

If you are a dog parent, you might have tried the many pet training collars or pet training classes to eliminate dog barking noises that you regularly make. Moreover, you might have tried treats and chew toy stimulus ideas to limit your dog’s barking desires.

Rather than experimenting with your dog with different ideas to reduce their barking habits, it is much more important to understand that dog’s barking is a way of communication from which they try to share their feelings or desires.

Before you jump into looking for a solution for “how to muffle sound of dog barking noises,” first you must try to decode and understand if your dog is hungry, scared, or bored.

Nevertheless, dogs bark more loudly to ensure that you hear them and pay attention to them if you ignore their barking sound.

Here are some possible and worthwhile reasons why your dog might be barking regularly.

1. Separation Anxiety

When you and your family spend a lot of time with your dog, such as playing with it or training it and helping it get familiar with your home, your dog might feel anxiety or fear of separation if it feels like you are going away.

When you leave home to go to work or for any other reason, your dog may feel like it has been abandoned or will not meet you again. It is pretty similar to an infant who spends most of the time with his mother, and when the mother leaves him alone for the first few times, it becomes difficult for him to cope, and he cries a lot.

So, your dog’s barking might be similar to an infant crying when he notices his mother going away.

2. Attention Seeking

One of the main reasons your dog continuously barks in a loud voice is for your or any other family member’s attention, just like humans do weird things to get attention from our favorite person.

If you have run towards them whenever they barked in the past, they will continue to bark until you give them the same attention.

3. Noises

Dogs easily get distracted by noises. Any noise, even a small one, can disturb the dogs and cause barking reactions. For example, the sound of the doorbell, the opening or sliding of the doors, the timer of the stove or washing machine, and many other noises from far or near sources can disturb them and instigate them to bark.

Whatever be the reason your or your neighbor’s dog is barking, we cannot withstand this noise continuously. That’s why we have come up with some tactics to answer the most common question of dog owners “how to muffle dog barking noises.”

How To Muffle Sound Of A Dog Barking With Some Effortless Tactics?

We will discuss some of the best ways to dampen the dog barking sound by getting your room insulated and going over some decor tips that can help reduce the transmission of barking sounds from inside and outside.

We will also discuss how to teach the dogs and change their habit of unnecessarily barking and annoying people.

1. Home Decor And Muffling Dog Barking Simultaneously:

Have you ever wondered if soundproofing can be done with aesthetic home décor? Fortunately, we have a piece of good news for you; you can now muffle dog barking noises without spending a lot of money on a bunch of ugly devices.

Instead, you can now use aesthetic home decor items and ideas to reduce the dog barking sound. So, here is the list of some home decor concepts that will prevent the transmission of barking noise in and out of the home.

  • Use Thick Curtains On Windows And Doors

Thick curtains can help you in two ways in the case of barking dogs. One of the substantial reasons your dog often bark is it might see some tempting or instigating things outside through the windows.

Thus, the thick and dense curtains can limit your dog’s access to outside views, and it will not be continuously looking or glancing at something that forces barking habits. So, decorate your home with thick and dense curtains or select a material that works best in dampening sound.

With these curtains, you will notice the peace and silence in your house. Additionally, this tactic will help you even if you are looking for “how to muffle sound of a neighbor’s barking dog” or blocking other noises.

  • Laying Down Dense Carpets

Dense and soft carpets are among the best sound-absorbing materials you can use if you have barking dogs at home. They are especially beneficial if you live in an apartment or flat other than the first floor. Your downstairs neighbors will acknowledge you for this act and protect them from unnecessary noises.

If you lay one or two thick carpet layers on your flooring, your downstairs neighbors will not be able to hear your dog barking or any other noise from your house. If you live in a rented apartment, carpeting the floor is impossible; you can also purchase thick area rugs and lay them on the floor.

Secure the carpets with a thick rug pad to prevent mats from moving and provide additional noise insulation.

  • Hang Canvas Paintings On walls

Canvas is an excellent material when it comes to dampening noises. Moreover, nowadays, you can buy beautiful pictures and paintings of your choice on canvas material which you can flaunt on your walls without letting anyone know the real reason behind it.

Even you can put some noise-reducing foam or pads between the canvas and walls to make the sound dampening more effective.

Alternatively, simple foam or bubble wraps will also work the same.

  • Put Bookshelf Against The Walls

Bookshelves are convenient home furnishing ideas and are somewhat effective for reducing noises and unwanted sounds. They can be easily put against walls and are thick enough to dampen the noises.

However, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are the best, but they are not always practical and optimal. Therefore, any bookshelf will aid in reducing noise though in a small amount. So, get yourself a good bookshelf and fill it will your favorite book, magazines, or your kids’ books.

Like this, you will develop a good habit of reading books, and your neighbors will also become relaxed, not hear the dog barking sound from your side.

  • Acoustic Panels On The Walls

Acoustic panels are soundproofing alternatives made of wood or fabric and come in long rectangular panels which you can easily hang on walls.

Generally, they prevent noises and sounds from transmitting through walls. Moreover, they are not an eyesore or ugly-looking solution; they are available in various colors or even with paintings that look like decorative wall hangings.

2. Make Your Home Airtight As Much As Possible:

Making your house as airtight as possible is one of the best possible solutions to answer “how to muffle sound of a neighbor’s barking dog” and prevent sound transmission inside-out from your house.

It will work in both cases, whether you have a barking dog or your neighbor have one.

  • Use Draft Stoppers In Doors And Windows

If your home’s doors and windows have drafts, the air flows through them and makes a noise. So, try to invest in draft stoppers to prevent noise transmission due to perspective.

Typically, draft stoppers are cushioning that slide under the doors and windows, and they will perfectly insulate your to keep the dog’s bark from leaving the house and cut your heating and cooling costs.

Additionally, they are available in numerous colors or patterns and your home.

  • Use Window Inserts

Window Inserts are also like draft stoppers and work similarly. Mostly they are acrylic sheets or panels that are used with window frames. They are available in two qualities: easy to install by yourself, and the other is of higher quality that needs to be professionally installed. These are much more effective than draft stoppers in noise, but they are not cost-friendly.

3. Soundproof Your Dog’s Crate:

soundproof dog crate

If your dig perfectly behaves till it is outside the crate, but as soon as you put it in, the crate will bark non-stop and create an unnecessary nuisance for you and your neighbors.

Your crucial aim should also be to train it to behave appropriately inside the crate in such a case. Meanwhile, you probably wonder how to muffle dog barking inside the crate.

So, here is your answer, soundproofing the crate. Let’s see how to soundproof a dog crate.

  • Get Soundproofing Dog Crate Covers

Hundreds of “soundproof crate covers” are available in the market, or you can get one from any e-commerce website. These crate covers work very well in dampening dog barking noises, and the best thing is they are affordable and easy to use.

Additionally, they provide dogs with a “den feel” and secure surroundings and prevent them from seeing what’s around them.

  • Absorption Sheets As Alternative

If you cannot find soundproof crate covers, you can go with absorption sheets, as they are a great alternative in minimizing the barking noise coming from the crate.

4. Resolve The Root Of The Barking Problem:

If you are looking for solutions to muffle the dog’s barking sound, you must be having an excessive barking dog. In such a case, you must control the barking problem and silence the barking.

  • Use Dog Silencer Device | Dog Whistle

A dog silencer device is a humane and hands-free method to quiet your excessive barking dog or puppy. You can use this device anywhere as it works on all dogs or puppies, whether inside or outside the house.

A silencer device typically identifies dog barking and responds with a high-frequency sound that only dogs can hear. Don’t worry the sound will not annoy anyone other than dogs; it will not even cause any harm to their ears.

This device will make your dog learn to associate with that irritating high pitch sound, and slowly, they will forget their habit of barking. This is the perfect solution to your question, “how to muffle dog barking sound.

  • Distract Your Dog

Sometimes dogs bark for no reason; it means they are bored. If your dog also does the same, it is probably just got bored, maybe because you are not giving it proper time. For example, suppose you are too occupied with work and cannot pay special attention to your dog, like playing or taking it on a good walk; purchasing some toys to keep it busy can help reduce its unnecessary barking habit. Some toys, such as Kong toys filled with peanut butter, squeaky toys, etc., are excellent options for playtime for your dog.

Moreover, get toys made with Kevlar in case your dog is extra tough and destructive with toys. If these toys do not work for your dog, specific treat-dispensing toys made of hard rubber or plastic can keep your chatty dog engaged for hours; you only need to fill them with some treats.

  • Use Classical Music

Many scientific studies have proved that classical music effectively calms the dogs, no matter why they are barking.

In addition, they have shown that classical music can reduce their anxiety. However, it might not work on every dog, but you can try this out.

Handling The Worst Situation:

If you cannot find any solution for “how to muffle sound of a neighbor’s barking dog,” you can contact a soundproofing company that can come and efficiently soundproof your house.

With this, neither will you be forced to bear the noise of the neighbor’s dog barking all day, nor will your neighbors have to listen to your dog’s barking.

Though these professional soundproofing companies are not cheap or pocket friendly, they are still the most effective solution for muffling dog barking noises.

In addition, you can permanently soundproof your house if you are the owner and do not will shift in the future.


Why Do Dogs Bark At Owners?

Barking is a dog’s communication or language, so if your dog is barking on seeing you, he must try to talk to you. For example, his barking might be because he is hungry, bored, or scared of something. Or he is overwhelmed to see you.

How To Stop My Dog From Being Loud?

If you are annoyed with your dog or puppy’s loud barking, first calm yourself down; then, confidently tell him to stop doing so with a quick voice or stern look. Meanwhile, be patient and consistent, as correcting your dog is not an overnight job.

How Do I Muffle My Dog’s Barking Noise?

You can easily muffle your dog’s barking with thick curtains and carpets, insulate your house, and, most importantly, train your dog not to bark unnecessarily. There are many other ways discussed above in the article to muffle the sound of your barking dog.

In Conclusion – So, now you might know “how to muffle sound of dog barking“; you can try any of the above tactics to reduce barking dogs’ noise from moving inside or outside the house. However, remember one thing you cannot entirely block out noise. Also, you cannot stop your dog from barking as it is their communication method.

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