How To Make Ps4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart? 5 Best Ways

Millions of game players across the world are admirers of Play Station 4. And if you are one of those millions of people who might be playing the Resident Evil 2 remake repeatedly and most probably enjoying it a lot. But the problem arises when you spend long hours, you might observe a loud noise from your Play Station system, and you cannot help it. Along with running with a very loud noise, it might also feel quite hot to touch.

At this point, you might wonder about “How to Make a Play station 4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart.” Still, you might also think that it is a weird question because electronics like PlayStations or gaming PC or laptops commonly start producing loud noise if not taken care of, or you might be overusing it.

However, it is normal or nothing to worry about if you hear some soft sounds below 60 decibels applied that you must not be playing with loud noises like rattling or whirring that can subside the PS4’s noise. On the other side, if you observe loud more than 60 decibels, there is something wrong, and you need to fix it.

Nevertheless, don’t get into calculating how much noise your play station is making. If you feel that the noise coming from your PS4 is not normal, there is a scope that you can fix the noise.

It is possible to reduce noise from a loud PS4 without taking it apart; we only need to clean it with the help of a portable and handheld vacuum cleaner on the minimum suction setting.

It might be possible that the centrifugal fan is not working properly because of too much dust making it difficult for PS4 to work to keep you entertained, leading to unwanted noises.

So, let’s begin and find out “How to Make a Play station 4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart,” but first, know why your PS4 makes noise or what makes it loud and noisy.

What Is The Reason Behind PS4 Being So Noisy?

How to Make Ps4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart

Normally, there could be any reason or factors that PS4 systems are loud or noisy, but some factors are very common and dominating that usually cause PS4 to make unwanted loud noises.

1. Any Fault In Cooling Fan

Faults in the centrifugal cooling fan inside the PS4 console are the most common and dominant reason behind PS4 being so noisy. So, the cooling fan must be the first thing you need to focus on if you are having noise problems with your PS4 console.

You might have got it that a centrifugal cooling fan inside the PS4 console works to remove or decrease the heat produced due to gamming can continuous use.

This cooling fan continuously works and is very demanding, and that’s why it is more prone to wear and tear. Some of its parts might loosen up, resulting in an annoyingly loud noise whenever your PS4 heats up and the fan starts its function.

2. Accumulation Of Dust Particles

When you look for “How to Make a Play station 4 Quieter without Taking It Apart,” can you believe that some dust particles can make your PS console make loud and irritating noise. It’s genuinely straightforward to keep the outer parts of the PS4 console dust-free because it is a matter of only a wipe once a day.

However, it becomes somewhat challenging and tricky when it comes to keeping the internal components of PS4 dust-free because the centrifugal cooling fan and the motherboard are mostly used parts and most often attract dust. And it is not something that happens accidentally or because of carelessness; there are some scientific facts behind it.

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The centrifugal cooling fan inside the PS4 console attracts dust because of the accumulation of static electric charges. It happens because when the fan rotates, rubbing against the air surrounding it, it develops electric charges across its edges.

As we know, the dust particles also carry some electric charges. Interestingly fan blades and dust particles are oppositely charged, and thus the fan blades attract those charged dust particles.

These dust particles gradually accumulate on the fan blades and affect the fan’s efficiency, and it begins making noise while working.

Furthermore, in the motherboard of the PS4 console, the dust particles accumulate on it because of electrical current flow while it’s working. Like a cooling fan, the metallic of the motherboard also develops electrical charges due to the flow of current. And when the charged dust particles come across the electrically charged motherboard of the PS4 console, they stick to it and slowly accumulate to such extents that it becomes difficult for PS4 to function efficiently.

And when the console doesn’t work correctly, it begins to overheat, which further forces the fan to work at high speed, producing unnecessary noises.

3. Game Graphics

Graphics in video games have covered a long distance since their development. Now we can see the best and excellent quality graphics in video games, but there are higher possibilities of making PS4 louder with these incredible graphics.

Usually, gaming enthusiasts demand game graphics with high qualities, but these graphics increase the load on your PS4’s processors, and the processors start heating up frequently because the farthest limit is pushed. And when they reach above their highest limit, they significantly heat, boosting the cooling fan’s speed inside the console, and the faster the fan spins, the more it will produce loud noises.

This is why it is usual for PS4 to become loud when a player plays a particular game that increases the processor’s load and returns to regular working operation without any involvement when the player changes the game.

If you also observe such a noise trend with your PS4 console, you probably need to change your PS4 and replace it with an upgraded PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim model. These upgraded models of PS4 have better overall processor performance. They are also designed to efficiently take a load of 4K resolution gaming and graphics with High Dynamic Range (HDR) colors.

4. Faults In Disc Drive

Problems with the disc drive might be rare than the other causes of noise in the PS4 console, but the disc can make a PS4 console loud, though very rarely.

Most commonly, the noise from the PS4 disk drive occurs while installing games for the first time. The PS4 is designed and developed to automatically install all new games’ data on its hard drive to reduce the deterioration of the disc drive. And because of this process, the PS4 console might get a bit louder than normal functioning.

Furthermore, after installing new games, the disc drive might spin faster than usual. It probably happens when the first time the disc is inserted to boot the game, and the console starts to read the disc to make sure that the game player is trying to run inserted correctly in the PS4.

Now you might ponder “How to Make Ps4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart” when the noise problem is in the disk drive; so, let’s clear that such noises normally subside within a few minutes without any external intrusion.

A Simple Trick To Make A PS4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart

Though there are many ways to get rid of loud noise from PS4, most commonly, no one wants to take apart the console to reduce the noise. So, yes, there is a way to get rid of loud noises from the PS4 console without taking it apart.

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You only need a handheld portable vacuum cleaner to clean the cooling fan for this work.

A portable vacuum cleaner does not give suction like a full-sized vacuum cleaner, but it will provide you with what you need.

If you are looking for an answer to “How to Make a Play station 4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart,” A handheld portable vacuum cleaner is an excellent option for cleaning the inside as it has enough suction power to suck out all the dust from the PS4 console.

Nevertheless, too much suction power can push the dust to move to other components inside the PS4 console or break any component due to vacuum force.

Therefore, even if you prefer a portable handheld vacuum, it must always be operated on the lowest power setting. The low-power suction may take some time to suck up the dust from the fan, but it decreases the chance of damaging other parts.

We would also recommend not using a full capacity vacuum cleaner for this work ever. Also, most vacuum cleaners have big nozzles for delicate components of the PS4 console, so you need to use them very carefully.

5 Straightforward And Effortless Tricks To Make PS4 Quiet

Till now, we have discussed different causes and reasons for noise from PS 4 consoles and How to Make a Play station 4 Quieter without Taking It Apart. But what if the noise issue does not get resolved only by vacuum cleaning without opening the console. No worries, there are numerous other methods or tricks to make a PS4 quieter depending on the cause of the noise.

A few methods may require opening up the PS4 console. However, others might be performed without taking apart the PS4 console.

Here are five effortless tricks that can help you make your PS4 quieter.

1. Give Your PlayStation4 A Little Rest

It is good to give your PS4 a little rest after continuous playing because a loud or noisy PS4 console is only a one-time fluke that happens due to constant and consistent playing for a very long time. PS4 gets noisy because of one most dominant reason for overheating though it is a heavy-duty console. Also, if you play high-quality graphics games, the PS4 console tends to overheat even faster.

So, don’t panic when you hear noise from your PS4 while you are playing. Only do one thing; turn off the PS4 console and let it cool down for some time, at least an hour. You can again turn on your PS4 and continue playing if you don’t find the system hot or its power indicator is not indicating it with a red blinking light.

2. Keep The PS4 Console In Good Ventilation

When you place your PS4 console anywhere in your home or other plays, make sure you keep its vents as open as possible. If you don’t have any idea about the vents in your PS4 console, check its rear part on both other sides, and you will be able to find the vents.

Vents on the sides and rear parts have different functions. The side vents intake the air from the environment while the rear ones throw out hot air from inside components of the PS4 console.

If these vents are not blocked, these vents combine and function together to make the fan suck in the cold air and throw out hot air.

One of the most common mistakes people make with a PS4 console is fixing it in a cabinet that blocks its vents and doesn’t allow it to cool. People might think or believe that they are protecting their precious PS4 from being damaged due to anything by placing it in a cabinet or surrounding it with different things, but it’s a never-failing way to overheat your PS4, especially when you are using it or playing for long hours.

If you are a PS4 enthusiast, you must know that placing things like books or bags within 3.9 inches close to PS4 is also a compromise, with its ventilation encouraging it to overheat. Even though these objects are not directly blocking the PS4’s vents, they will not allow the hot air inside the console to release into the environment making it more prone to overheating.

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And if the console overheats, the cooling fan will start spinning faster and cause louder and unnecessary noise.

Sometimes all you need to do is place your PS4 console in a well-ventilated environment to make it quieter, especially when playing. It is another way you can get the answer to your question, “How to Make a Play station 4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart.”

3. Play In A Cool Environment

As we know, the PS4 console heats up while playing on its own. Using it in a hot environment can escalate its heating process, and it can overheat quickly, causing the fan to make louder noise. Playing on PS4 at temperatures more than 82°F or 27.778°C can retain its heat and make it noisier. That’s why it is good and safe to play on Play Station 4 console in temperatures around 73°F or 22.778°C).

If you cannot control the surrounding temperature while playing on the PS4 console, try to invest in a cooling stand so that your PS4’s temperature remains under control despite any surroundings. You can even look for an all-in-one vertical cooling stand for your PS4 console that can be used as multipurpose equipment for charging your controllers and cooling down your PS4 console. Moreover, a cooling stand with a multifunctional design can go along with PS4, PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro. It is a great way to make your PS4 quieter up to 50 decibels.

4. Clean Your PS4 Console

As we have already discussed, dust accumulation inside the PS4 console can significantly cause noise. We have addressed this issue and answered “How to Make a Play station 4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart” with a quick solution of using a handheld portable vacuum cleaner and sucking out all the dust from inside the console. But now, we will see how one can thoroughly clean the PS4 console with a portable vacuum cleaner.

For this, you need first to unplug the PS4 console and move it to an even surface. Then remove its side cover or case.

Now, gently clean the dust on its metal casing with the help of a hoover extension.

You can use a portable handheld vacuum navigating toward the cooling fan to clean the openings.

Clean the USB ports and other plugs & ports using the vacuum cleaner.

When you complete vacuuming the PS4 console, wipe the interior exterior of your console with the help of a microfiber cloth. Remember to pay attention to the crevices as they hold a lot of dust.

5. Replace The Cooling Fan

If you have tried many ways but still no solution work for your PS4 console overheating and noise, try to replace its cooling fan to make your console quieter because the noise problem may be due to the malfunctioning of the cooling fan.

You can either replace the fan on your own or get help from a repair professional. If you are replacing the cooling fan by yourself, you need to be already aware of it.

Otherwise, you might cause some other issues instead of knowing How to Make a Play station 4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart.


How Can I Make My PS4 Quieter Without Dismantling It?

Cleaning your PS4 console with handheld vacuum cleaner can help you in reducing noise from your PS4.

Why Do My Play Station 4 Make Loud Noise?

continuous playing tends to overheat the system and thus fan start making loud noise.

Is It Possible To Make A Loud PS4 Console Quieter?

Yes, it is possible to reduce noise from a loud PS4 console with few easy measures like keeping it in well ventilated place, using it carefully, and cleaning it with handheld vacuum cleaner.

In Conclusion, A PS4 is fun to play with if done in the right way. You need to know that most of its noise problems are due to its overheating and centrifugal cooling fan. So, it would be best if you tried to concentrate on keeping the fan and other similar components dust-free. Also, you have to use the console in an excellent ventilated environment to avoid overheating; otherwise, no solution or trick can help you out with How to Make a Play station 4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart.

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