How To Make A Vibrating Toothbrush Quieter?

An electric toothbrush is the best way to keep your smile always the prettiest and might be the easiest way to maintain overall dental health and hygiene. Suppose you wake up expecting a new happy, peaceful day, but you have to begin your day with a loud and noisy electric toothbrush. In that case, brushing will be the most challenging problem to handle, as no one probably likes a noisy environment in the morning. There are many instances where people ask or look for answers to “How to make a vibrating toothbrush quieter” because they start making noises after some use.

There is no doubt or question about the functionality or performance of electric or vibrating toothbrushes. However, maybe there is nothing or no toothbrush that can offer this level of hygiene as vibrating toothbrushes offer.

The noise from a vibrating toothbrush can sometimes be very annoying, especially in the morning when we just moved out of the bed and have to tolerate it. Still, these toothbrushes are the best for cleaning our teeth effortlessly and adequately removing all the food fragments stuck between them.

If you are among those who love to use these electric or vibrating toothbrushes rather than traditional toothbrushes, but their vibrating noise irritates you every morning, and you want to make your electric brush noise-free. In that case, we can tell you how you can make a vibrating toothbrush quieter like a new one and enjoy a peaceful bruising experience with it.

Therefore, don’t worry about the noises from your vibrating toothbrush. Here, we will discuss some effortless yet effective techniques to make your vibrating toothbrush quieter.

Additionally, we will discuss numerous reasons that make electric or vibrating toothbrushes noisy.

So, let’s move further to find out why our favorite electric toothbrushes make irritating noises and how we can fix it.

The Reasons Behind The Noises From Electric Or Vibrating Toothbrushes:

As a vibrating toothbrush is an electric device, there can be many reasons behind the noises it produces. Therefore, before we discuss “How to make a vibrating toothbrush quieter,” first, you need to know why your electric toothbrush is making annoying noises.

Here are some potential reasons behind an electric toothbrush making noises.

How to make a vibrating toothbrush quieter

1. Noisy Toothbrush Head

The reason behind a noisy electric toothbrush is its head because it is a part that keeps oscillating at high speed. And due to this oscillation mechanism, only it makes a lot of sounds while you are brushing, and the noise even increases upto an extreme level if the toothbrush head is old.

An electric toothbrush’s head works with a small motor installed inside the brush, and as this motor is electric, the number of oscillations that the toothbrush head makes is also high. And it is the mechanism or working of a vibrating toothbrush that provides us with overall cleaning of the teeth and gums.

Moreover, after a continuous and long run of uses, the head becomes threadbare and old, making a lot of annoying noise.

So, first, you need to find out whether the head of your electric toothbrush is making noise or not, and if you find that the noise is arising from this part, change the head of your vibrating toothbrush head as soon as possible to get rid of the noise.

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2. Dead Batteries

Batteries are another potential reason behind a noisy electric toothbrush. Your vibrating toothbrush can make a lot of noise if its battery is low or dead. As the old or dead batteries get discharged and start producing a lot of noise, they affect similarly on an electric toothbrush.

So, you can try replacing the old battery with a new one to make a vibrating toothbrush quieter. The new battery can significantly help in reducing the noise from your electric toothbrush.

This is why you must once check the battery of your electric toothbrush if you notice any sound or noise from it. Then, if the battery in your toothbrush is discharged or dead, replace it with a new one. Also, if you have an electric toothbrush with a rechargeable battery, charge it timely.

3. Worn Out Toothbrush

Your electric toothbrush can also become noisy if you use it for a pretty long time, like for a few years, and you did not even change it once. In such a case, the noise from an electric toothbrush is because it is now too old to work correctly, and all its components are now damaged with time and regular use.

So, you need to stop using the electric brush that you have been using for years if you don’t want to hear its noise early in the morning.

Moreover, we cannot expect a small machine like an electric or vibrating toothbrush to last you for years without any wear and tear. Therefore, we need to change our electric toothbrushes to like ordinary toothbrushes to ensure that we can clean our teeth well and avoid the ugly noise made by the toothbrush while using it.

4. Defect In Its Motor

As already discussed, the head of a vibrating toothbrush works with the help of a motor. So, the motor can be another reason for your electric toothbrush making noise. There are possibilities that the motor has some problems or is faulty, thus creating noise.

A damaged motor is the source of noise in an electric toothbrush, but it also affects the toothbrush’s overall performance making it even more noise and louder.

You must also check the motor and change it if it is not working correctly. By this, you can reduce much noise from your favorite electric toothbrush.

5. Casing Is Broken

Your electric or vibrating toothbrush can also make noises if it has fallen or suffered any other accident that has completely broken its outer casing or covering part.

Hence, if you notice some scratches and dents on your electric toothbrush’s outer casing, it probably makes a noise.

An electric toothbrush with a broken casing or cover makes more noise than a normal one because the cracked case affects its insulation which otherwise absorbs vibrations and internal noises.

Things You Might Need To Make A Vibrating Toothbrush Quieter:

Here is a list of things you may require while fixing your favorite electric toothbrush and making it quieter.

  • Obviously, your electric toothbrush with noise issues.
  • New toothbrush head – make sure it is compatible with your toothbrush.
  • A charging station if your electric toothbrush has rechargeable batteries.
  • A piece of cloth, like a napkin, hand towel, or something else.

How To Make A Vibrating Toothbrush Quieter With A Few Effortless Tactics?

We understand your struggle with a loud vibrating toothbrush early morning when we desire peace, but the day starts with a noise brushing routine.

Thus, here are a few quick and straightforward that can help you to make your electric or vibrating toothbrush quieter.

how to make an electric toothbrush quiet

1. Determine The Cause Of Noise In Your Electric Toothbrush

As discussed in the above section, there are many reasons for your favorite electric or vibrating toothbrush making noises. However, before you move to find the solution for “How to make a vibrating toothbrush quieter,” you must know the cause of this noise.

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If you know the root cause of the noise, your can effectively repair and seek the repairing procedure.

Generally, an electric or vibrating toothbrush makes a small amount of noise due to oscillations of the head and the motor’s working. So, the first thing one needs to unmask is whether your vibrating toothbrush is noisier than on regular days or not.

Usually, we cannot reduce or remove the normal noise or sound of an electric or vibrating toothbrush due to its working mechanism like any other machine.

However, various elements or components in an electric toothbrush might make loud and uncomfortable noises throughout regular use.

If some of your electric toothbrush components are making disagreeable or overly loud noises that you want to get rid of, try to eliminate or slender down those components.

First of all, you need to check if the head of your vibrating toothbrush is producing unusual or louder than usual noises while you are using the brush.

So, to know if the toothbrush head is making noise or not, you only need to take away the top of the toothbrush where the head is attached. Often, you can remove it with merely a few twists or screw it off because it is a detachable and re-attachable half of the toothbrush.

Now you can proceed to check the fault or source of the noise. Start your toothbrush after removing its head, and if the noise gets eliminated, it means the mark is in the charge only. But if the noise remains the same, that means the fault is in your electric toothbrush’s other parts, and if the noise reduces but not entirely as you expected, there is a fault in the toothbrush head as well as the other body parts like the motor, casing, etc.

And in case you don’t see or observe any fault in your toothbrush. Still, it is too loud to tolerate yet working perfectly; try to take reviews or know people’s experiences using the same vibrating toothbrush. Also, check out whether other people are also facing the same noise problem or not, and this might help you find ways to make a vibrating toothbrush quieter.

2. Make Sure To Keep The Vibrating Toothbrush In An Excellent Working Condition

The easiest way to deal with most of the problems related to a vibrating toothbrush, including noise problems, is to conserve it in good working condition. This practice even ensures that noise issues don’t even occur.

Nonetheless, suppose you are already troubled with noise issues in your favorite electric toothbrush. In that case, you also need to make sure that you are keeping the toothbrush in the proper working condition to avoid further damage.

The best practice for conserving your electric toothbrush in the proper working condition is to keep it in a correctly charged quantity.

However, it would be a minor inconvenience if your electric toothbrush is not charged or its battery is dead. So it might be possible that you use it as an ordinary toothbrush without its electric features and set or change its battery for subsequent usage. Also, you might think that it is not a big deal sometimes to use the vibrating toothbrush this way. But let’s clear the air and let you know that, although these practices might not be a big deal for a day or week, in the long run, the use of an electric toothbrush they are not reasonable and healthy.

Therefore, make sure your vibrating toothbrush remains properly charged to be used for a longer time. Safe charging of your vibrating toothbrush is not only about correctly securing the toothbrush in the charging station but also about safe and secure plugging of the charging station.

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You can do wonders in making your electric toothbrush quieter by keeping it in the right working conditions.

Furthermore, charging your electric toothbrush does not mean leaving it on the charging station for too long. On the contrary, it will result in overcharging and decreased battery life, or the battery may get discharged more often.

3. Substitute Your Vibrating Toothbrush Head With A New One

You might wonder, “How to make a vibrating toothbrush quieter” by replacing its head even if there is no problem or fault. Indeed, it is true that a worn or defective toothbrush head is not the most typical cause of unpleasant noise in an electric toothbrush; still, for the well-being of your vibrating toothbrush, it is crucial to change its head every 3-4 months. It can even help you avoid many causes of noise in the toothbrush.

Moreover, it is straightforward to replace the head of an electric toothbrush.

You only need to take off your vibrating toothbrush’s head and replace it with a brand new one but remember that the new leader must be compatible with the toothbrush; otherwise, it can cause more noise issues.

After replacing the head, ensure that the new leader is tight and safe but not too much that your cover the house between the top and the body of the toothbrush. This small quantity of place in an electric toothbrush is a sign that it is securely assembled, and it plays a crucial role in making the comb vibrate for proper cleaning.

And if the noise in your electric toothbrush is because of an improperly attached head, you can just take it off and connect it again to solve the problem without replacing it.

However, replacing the head every 3-4 months is good practice to keep your electric toothbrush in good working condition and the extended run usage.

4. Repairing The Wires Of The Vibrating Toothbrush

If something faulty inside your vibrating toothbrush makes a lot of noise, it can also be fixed with some effort.

The problems inside an electric toothbrush often arise due to poor or worsening connections or wiring within the toothbrush. Therefore, we look for other solutions to make a vibrating toothbrush quieter from the outside.

The noise problems in wiring may occur over a long time because a toothbrush goes through a lot of shaking that sets some of the wiring connections free. This fault disturbs the working efficiency of a vibrating toothbrush and becomes a source of loud and annoying noises.

A straightforward technique to repair this issue is to open up the electric toothbrush and reconnect the loose wires with the help of a soldering gun or soldering iron. These pieces of equipment use warmth and soften the wire to reattach in right connections.

5. Wrap Any Cloth Piece Around Your Vibrating Toothbrush

Though it is a temporary solution to the problem of a noisy electric toothbrush, it can significantly solve many issues related to your noisy electric toothbrush.

Usually, it takes some time to get your favorite brand new electrical toothbrush, so till then, you can use any clothing piece and wrap it with your vibrating toothbrush to dampen the noise. You can use any small hand towel, a napkin, or any random piece of cloth that you feel comfortable using.


Is There Any Way To Quiet My Vibrating Toothbrush?

Yes, there are many ways, such as replacing the toothbrush head, charging it properly, conserving it in the proper condition, etc. can help you dampen the noise of your electric toothbrush.

What Is The Reason For My Vibrating Toothbrush Being So Loud?

There are many potential reasons or causes of a vibrating toothbrush being loud. They include faulty head, broken case, faulty motor, etc.

Can I Make My Vibrating Toothbrush Quieter?

If your electric toothbrush is making a loud noise than a normal one, there might be some issue that you can fix and make it quiet.

Finally, it was about answering “How to make a vibrating toothbrush quieter.” In this way, you can quiet your vibrating toothbrush in hassle-free ways. However, you can buy or upgrade to sonic toothbrushes that are quieter than electric ones. These toothbrushes include Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries, Philips Sonicare Protective Clean 5100, Pures Sonic Electric Toothbrush, Philips Sonicare Protective Clean 6100, Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush, etc.

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