How To Install Ceiling Speakers With No Attic? 7 Effective Steps

Ceiling speakers refer to certain speakers that are technically mounted on the ceiling. In general, Ceiling speakers are passive speakers. It is designed for this purpose to be a sustainable audio solution that will provide you with fantastic sound innovatively for many years to come.

Install ceiling speakers with no attic, is it possible? This question arises among those who do not have attics to maneuver and install their ceiling speakers. However, we will say, it is possible, and it is not challenging to install ceiling speakers without an attic.

But, some factors matter in installing ceiling speakers without an attic. The type of roof you have is a primary factor in this. In this elaborated blog post, we will discuss how to install ceiling speakers with no attic. Also, we will cover the aspects that are important for installing speakers without an attic and other essential information about ceiling speakers installation.

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How To Install Ceiling Speakers With No Attic
How to Install Ceiling Speakers with no Attic

How To Install Ceiling Speakers With No Attic?

If you lack an attic, and you intend to install ceiling speakers with no attic in the traditional ceiling of your room, you should adopt a special technique for installing speakers. Cut a cavity in the roof of the required size and put the speaker in it. Note, run the correct cables for your speaker type.

Step-by-step Process For Installing Ceiling Speakers With No Attic

The process of how to install ceiling speakers with no attic is simple enough that you can handle it. In DIY operation, first, you have to consider what kind of speakers you want to install. Depending on the type of speaker, you’ll need to run wires and power extensions through either the top part of your ceiling itself or attach them to the ceiling itself.

  • Step 1: First, you need to decide the exact place on the ceiling where you intend to set the speakers, then affix the cutout template to the ceiling.
  • Step 2: Draw the outline of the template with a pencil, and detach the template from the ceiling, which you need to cut out. Be sure to size the area as accurately as your ceiling speakers will come with a template.
  • Step 3: Now, you should cut out the dimension. Take a sheetrock jigsaw to puncture the border area of ​​the dimension that you outlined on the ceiling. Then cut out the portion of the ceiling.
  • Step 4: Then, join the cables to the ceiling speaker, noting the terminals indicated by red and black on your passive ceiling speaker. Conversely, if your speakers are active, you will need to connect your power source to the speakers.
  • Step 5: After that, put the ceiling speakers into the base. Take a Phillips screwdriver and start, and fasten the mounting system affixed to your ceiling speakers. Don’t set the speakers too tight. Note, never use power tools and screwdrivers; they can cause problems.
  • Step 6: In case your ceiling speakers have a clamp design, you need to adjust and operate them accordingly to ensure that your ceiling speakers are protected in your ceiling.
  • Step 7: Finally, you should properly fit the grille to your ceiling speakers, and you should be very familiar with this methodology, otherwise, there may be a problem with the fitting.

Tools Needed To Mount Ceiling Speakers

  • Phillips screwdriver
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Important Factors Need To Be Considered When Installing A Ceiling Speaker With No Attic

1. Mounting System

Generally, easy-to-use mounting systems are designed and fitted for ceiling speakers, requiring little effort from you. Also, you do not even need to be an experience holder. With the help of some special tools, you will be able to fit the speaker to the ceiling.

2. Clamp

The design of the clamp dictates how the speaker is mounted in the ceiling. Many speakers include a clamp, which you need to mount on the outside. It gives you additional protection for your speakers.

3. Number Of Speakers

For a large open room or hall, two mono speakers can be used. In this case, it would be optimal to set two mono speakers or several pairs of mono speakers at various important points of the room. At a distance of fewer than 6.5 feet, installing a single stereo speaker would be ideal.

4. IP Rating

IP rating needs to be considered only when installing the speaker in a particular place. For instance, if you want to install a ceiling speaker in a bathroom or outdoor area, consider the IP rating of the speaker. Otherwise, in the other case, an IP rating is not required.

5. Size Of The Speakers

Speaker size is a major factor that must be considered when installing ceiling speakers. Ceiling speakers are found in several sizes. The most common and standard sizes of ceiling speakers are 5.6-inch or 8-inch. Note, size means the size of the conical part of the speaker. The size doesn’t mean the overall shape of the speaker.

You can choose any size speaker as per your requirement. However, if you want to use a pair of two mono ceiling speakers, 8-inch speakers will be best, you’ll get an excellent bass response from the 8-inch speakers.

Smaller speakers have multifaceted benefits. This favors placing them in more positions. In addition, you can install more speakers on your ceiling. On the other hand, if you expect impressive quality sound, we recommend you select the larger speakers. Plus, the bigger speakers have the capacity to handle more power.

6. Position Of The Speakers

Where on the ceiling you place, the speaker is entirely up to you. You can position the speakers by considering the significant points around them. For example, you can set the speaker around a seating area or around your amusement areas.

7. Ceiling Space

If you want to install ceiling speakers with no attic, and one that is made of drywall, you must have enough ceiling space, at least four inches deep in your ceiling. If your ceiling has the space mentioned, you could easily fit the speaker there. Although you can get low-depth design speakers, they can cost more. In fact, speaker design is based on compact ceiling space, and manufacturers have to design compact speakers while maintaining their quality.

Types Of Ceiling Speakers

Although the most common ceiling speakers are passive, active ceiling speakers are another segment. Here is a brief description of these two types of speakers.

A) Passive Ceiling Speakers

Passive speakers that do not have built-in amplifiers. Here the speakers get their power through cables that are operated from an external amplifier, such as a powered stereo amplifier.

B) Active Ceiling Speakers

Active ceiling speakers refer to speakers that are equipped with a built-in amplifier. You can install active ceiling speakers on your ceiling, although passive ceiling speakers are recommended to be installed on your ceiling. Active ceiling speakers are not required to be attached to an external powered stereo amplifier that is needed in the case of passive ceiling speakers.

Mono Vs Single Stereo Speaker, Which Is The Best?

Mono speaker and Single Stereo speaker types exist for both passive and active ceiling speakers. That is, both types of speakers may or may not have a built-in amplifier or not.

  • Mono Speakers: The mono ceiling speakers are customized left and right speakers. They are ideal speakers, especially for rooms larger than 4m x 4m. These speakers are excellent because they provide more accurate stereo separation.
  • Single Stereo Speaker: The Single Stereo speaker comes with two tweeters, and hence, you do not lose the stereo separation. If the size of your room is less than 4 meters by 4 meters, it is better to use a Single Stereo speaker.

Mono vs Single Stereo speakers, Which is Best? We will say, Mono speaker is better than the Single Stereo speaker. Mono speakers produce a sound of impressive quality. However, the sound of the Single Stereo speaker is also good. Stereo sounds tend to be wider and more realistic, but this depends on the environment where you are playing the speakers.

Stereo speakers are suitable for a normal and quiet environment. The disadvantage of a Single Stereo speaker is that sometimes it causes phase cancellation issues, leading to a blank, hollow, and strange sound of the speaker. In fact, whether a Single Stereo speaker is better than a Mono speaker is up to the conditions around you.

Features Of Ceiling Speakers

A) Wireless System

Many ceiling speakers come with a wireless system, like Bluetooth, which is a really great feature. This is because running cables through the ceiling is somewhat of a hassle. But, the wireless feature makes the installation of ceiling speakers more convenient. In the system, you need to run cables to connect your passive speakers to either a powered stereo amplifier or an AV receiver.

The wireless system allows you to connect your speakers to devices with Bluetooth capability, including computers, laptops, smartphones, projectors, and more. One important thing, although wireless compatibility is a super alternative to installing ceiling speakers, you still need to have some sort of power connection running in order for them to turn on.

B) Enclosure

Most ceiling speakers don’t have an enclosure that regular speakers have. So, in that case, you can consider buying a pair of enclosures or back boxes for your ceiling speakers. A ceiling speaker back box is beneficial to navigate the sound towards the direction of the speaker while improving the sound quality.

C) Grills

Ceiling speaker grills are designed with different shapes depending on the style or interior of the rooms. There are many different sizes of grills available in the market. The most common shapes of grills include square and round, and an oval-shaped grill is another option for you.

Best Ceilings For Convenient Installation Of Ceiling Speakers

1. Traditional Ceilings

Traditional ceilings typically range from 8 to 10 feet, and these ceilings are made with sheetrock or wood and are easily accessible to install ceiling speakers. But there is one thing you should consider while setting up your roof, and that is, the depth between the top portion of the roof and the ceiling should be at least 6.5 inches. This then enables you to easily install the ceiling speakers.

2. Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are made with standard materials, such as sheetrock, and this type of ceiling is used in office spaces. Its ceiling is also used in many homes. Talking about its features, suspended ceilings are usually lower than the primary part of the ceiling, which conceals its internal mechanism, and is separated by metal pieces. The space that covers the roof is called the plenum space.

3. Cove Ceilings

There are a wide variety of cove roof or ceiling designs, and the characteristic of cove roofing is that it gradually rises towards the center, but this depends on how the rise is set up. Cove roofing is constructed of wood or sheetrock. To install ceiling speakers, you don’t need to hire a professional. You will be able to install ceiling speakers by simply cutting off some of the tops of your ceiling.

4. Exposed ceilings

Exposed ceiling refers to such types of roofs whose internal mechanisms are shown. This ceiling is done professionally, and sections of the ceiling are covered to ensure a distinctive feature. To install ceiling speakers on this type of ceiling, you may need to hire a professional.

5. Shed Ceilings

Looking at the design of the ceiling, these roofs are usually made of slant, with one point of the roof being lower than the other. The ceiling will be oblique or gradual, based on the style of the ceiling. These ceilings are built with wood and sheetrock.

Materials Used For Ceilings?

The ceiling is constructed using a variety of stranded materials. These include tin, wood, drywall, sheets, stone, concrete, stainless plaster, tiles, and wood panels. The design of the roof varies from one type to another. However, traditional ceilings are designed using a drywall material that is considered a quality material. Plus, the cost of a conventional ceiling is relatively low.

Before installing your ceiling speakers on the ceiling, make sure about your ceiling structure. Consult a professional before proceeding with the work. Then start your speaker installation work. Install the speaker by cutting the holes yourself, or have an expert help you.

Tough Ceilings For Installation Of Ceiling Speakers

There are some hard ceilings that make it a little challenging to install ceiling speakers. Here is their list.

1. Beamed Ceilings

It is difficult to install ceiling speakers on this type of ceiling. These ceilings expose the ceiling beams. There will likely be panels that will be mounted along the beam. But if your ceiling is designed with panels, you may think of mounting ceiling speakers in that area.

2. Vaulted Ceilings

There are different types of vaulted roofs, and they are also divided into subcategories. This type of ceiling is made in a V shape. In addition, it can be designed into a shallow, deep steep slope, or a gradual slope. The materials for the manufacture of this type of roof are also different. Installing ceiling speakers on a vaulted ceiling is very different.

3. Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings are constructed from a variety of materials. The ceiling is very beautiful, which gives a stunning look to the interior. But the disadvantage of this type of ceiling is that it is not suitable for installing ceiling speakers. If you have such a ceiling, and you want to install ceiling speakers, consult a professional. If he can suggest a solution for the speaker’s installation, you can proceed.

4. Barrel Vault Ceilings

This type of ceiling comes with a barrel shape and is usually constructed of brick or stone. The barrel ceiling is problematic for mounting ceiling speakers, and however, you can consult a professional regarding this.

5. Tray Ceilings

Tray ceiling design is based on cove and vault ceiling. The ceiling characteristics of both the cove and the vault are reflected in the tray ceiling. If you want to install ceiling speakers on this type of ceiling, consult a professional, and with his consent, you can proceed.

6. Tall Ceilings

Tall ceilings are not constructed with standard materials and can exceed 10 feet. Therefore, this type of ceiling is not recommended for installing ceiling speakers. In such a situation, you will have to change the intention to install the speakers on the ceiling and choose the option of installing the speaker on the wall.

The Reasons For Selecting Ceiling Speakers For Home Theatres!

Ceiling speakers are a great solution for a home theatre setup as it delivers immersive sound. They are innovatively designed to provide surround sound in a home. Here we are going to shed light on the reasons why ceiling speakers are good for home theatre!

1. Best Way To Accomplish A Surround Sound System

Ceiling speakers are a good way to accomplish Surround sound as compared to normal speakers. If you install this type of ceiling behind your seating area, a high-quality Surround sound will be produced.

2. Less Messy

People naturally don’t like running cables everywhere, and they try to reduce this clutter of speaker cables. In that case, ceiling speakers come with the convenience of running fewer cables. So, ceiling speakers are perfect for your exceptional house theaters. Plus, you will be freed from the trouble of running more cables.

3. Provides Flexibility With Your Layout

Since ceiling speakers are installed in the ceiling, it saves space on your floor.

You can place the speaker safely without changing the place of furniture.

Also, it has fewer cables, and hence, you have the freedom to place your furniture however you like.

4. Provides Immersive Sound Experience

Immersive Surround sound is important for theatres, and hence, cinema halls utilize ceiling speakers. For your home theater, ceiling speakers are also important for a plush sound experience.


Do Ceiling Speakers Sound Good?

The ceiling speakers definitely deliver good sound. It produces an immersive sound which is a must for home theater. For experiencing a Surround sound setup, there is no substitute for ceiling speakers. In addition, ceiling speakers installation is easy and doesn’t require much cabling.

How Many Speakers Do I Need On My Ceiling?

It is determined based on the size of a room. If the size of your room is larger than 3m × 3m, it is best to put a pair of speakers on your ceiling. On the other hand, two pairs of ceiling speakers are recommended if the room is larger than 5m by 5m. It is best to consult a professional. He can give you an accurate idea of ​​how many ceiling speakers you should install in your ceiling based on the size of your room.

Can I Install Ceiling Speakers?

Ceiling speakers are not very difficult to install. You can easily install ceiling speakers by following step-by-step tutorials. It’s important to consider the type of ceiling you have when you want to mount speakers, as some types of ceilings can cause problems with the speakers’ installation. You can consult professionals regarding this; they can assess the quality of the ceiling how far it is helpful for speaker installation.

What Are The Best Ceiling Speakers?

Polk Audio RCi 85, Micca M-8C, Yamaha NS-IC800, Polk Audio 255c-RT, Micca, Bose Virtually Invisible 791, Klipsch CDT-5650-c In-Ceiling Speaker, Pyle Home, JBL, and AHUJA are some of the best ceiling speakers.


Hopefully, the above discussion can give you a complete idea about the ceiling speaker and speaker installation. You also learned How To Install Ceiling Speakers With No Attic! So, you can proceed with this work. However, you need to build your home theater with standard roof construction made with sheetrock.

This type of ceiling is optimized for ceiling speaker mounting. If your ceiling is of a non-standard design, it would not be wise to touch speaker installation without the advice of a professional. Always use high-quality ceiling speakers. They ensure the durability of the speakers.

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