Best Anti Vibration Pads For Washing Machines

Choosing the best anti vibration pads for washing machines in not difficult. A washing machine nowadays is one of the basic amenities for a home. Mostly every home will have a washing machine at this period.

The machine wash dries our clothes at ease which is a greater advantage, but there may also be negatives for any product in the market. The washing machine has vibration characteristics, where everyone does not welcome the sound.

All domestic places expect a comforting sound that doesn’t disturb your neighborhood. Nowadays market sells anti vibration washing machines, which may be a little expensive but the other way to go with the anti vibrating pads.

Causes for washing machine vibration:

The washing machine can vibrate for various reasons; the front load machine vibrates more than the top load machines. The reason behind the vibration is the washer design and the faster spin style. Leveling the main reason for the washing machine vibration, lifting the machine from the floor will reduce the vibration techniques.

Stacking kit issues may be a problem, and there will be an unstable leveling in the washer and dryer. While loading the washing machine with the clothes, the clothes from one side can tangle up to bring vibration in the washer. So unbalanced loading may also be the reason for vibration.

Loads of clothes are washed by the washing machine when clothes are loaded to the washer drum, and the machine loads due to the high pressure of clothes and water; the washer tumbles, which creates a vibration.

The flooring may also be a reason for the vibration where the leveling will not be clear so that the machine will start to shake.

Front-load machines vibrate more than the top load machine due to the design of the washer basket inside. People unevenly loading the basket leads to vibration, and this applies only to top lad machines which make extra noise around.

To avoid the above reasons, anti vibration pads are used to reduce the vibration, and the best pads are available in the markets.

What are anti vibrating pads?

The anti vibrating pads installed underneath the washer and dryer prevent the vibrating noise of the machine. Noise is not welcomed in the neighborhood, and complaints arise if there is much sound around.

That’s why apartments don’t have laundry units installed around the houses due to noise and vibration. The unit will be installed far away from the residence.

How do anti-vibration pads work?

Vibration is mainly created through the contact of hard surfaces and machines. So leveling is important in noise reduction. When anti vibrating pads are installed underneath the washing machine, can reduce collision between the surfaces.

Anti vibrating pads come in three materials:

Hard Rubber: The hard rubber is affordable and effective, easily absorbing vibration. As the hard rubber is very strong, it reduces the dampening effect of the machine.

Sorbothane Rubber: Expensive rubber has a higher dampening effect than the other materials. Lifetime is very high, comes with superior material, and vibration absorption is very high.

Closed-Cell Foam Rubber: Closed-cell rubber foam comes out with air pumped inside the rubber. The rubber is manufactured in a soft material and reduces vibration than Sorbothane rubber.

The anti vibrating pads should be examined carefully before buying the product, as they may have skidding properties while installed under the machines. Good quality rubber with the highest noise reduction has to be chosen.

Buyer Guide For Anti Vibration Sound Pads

Why do washing machines need anti-vibration pads?

Washers and dryers in the washing machine make a lot of sounds. It can be irritating, and this even causes a motion in them. They bang with the nearby obstacles producing more sounds. These pads are helpful as they reduce vibration and prevent walking, and it makes your laundry process peaceful. They have got a high friction device that will help reduce the noise and keep your appliance at the place.

How do customers benefit from the anti-vibration sound pads?

The anti-vibration washing machine pads bring in many benefits for the customers. Some of the major benefits of these anti-vibration pads are highlighted below:

Helps you get rid of the vibrations: When placed under your washer or machine, these Anti-vibration pads help reduce the noise they create during the washing process. It helps you eliminate that unpleasant noise every time you wash your clothes. Also, these anti vibration pads can be placed under any other device that causes noise or vibrations.

Comes with durable material: The anti-vibration washing machine pads are mostly made up of industrial rubber. This material is quite thick, and it will also prevent your washer from shifting from its place. These anti-vibration pads are very durable. Even if your washer weighs slightly heavy, it won’t tear out easily.

No installation process required: These anti-vibration sound pads do not have any typical installation process. All you need to do is lift your washer or washing machine and just carefully place them under it. And you are done with the installation. You do not need to call for an expert for this job, and you might need to ask a person to lift the washer.

Multipurpose: The anti-vibration sound pads can be used under any device that causes vibrations to reduce the vibration. This is an additional benefit. As most of the time, these anti-vibration pads come in a pack of 2 or 4, so you can easily use the other remaining ones for other devices to reduce the vibrations.

Protect your floor: The washer can sometimes shift from its position due to vibrations. This can ruin your floor or tiles. To avoid this, placing anti-vibration sound pads is a good option. This will protect your floor. Also, these anti-vibration sound pads have water-resistant material. So it will not develop any molds as well. Also, since it is water-resistant, it won’t be damaged even if some droplets come on it from the washer.

These are all the amazing benefits that anti-vibration sound pads serve customers. Customers must be considering buying them if they have a noisy washer. And they wish to get rid of all those noises. Before buying, the customers should check the sizes, quality, durability, resistance, etc., in the anti-vibration pads.

There are many anti-vibration sound pads available in the market. Always compare the prices and other brands, read the reviews, and buy the best suitable anti-vibration sound pads.

Top 10 Best Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machines available in the market

The market does have many anti vibration pads for your washing machine. Here the top quality pads are listed below:

1. JAYLEN OLWIN White Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Washer and Dryer Rubber Pads

These rubber pads protect your floor from scratches, and it is heavy-duty durable, protecting the life of your washing machine. Installation is simple and easier; no adhesive is used to install the rubber pads.

The anti-vibrating pads are designed perfectly to withstand the vibrations between the machine and floor. A special material is used to increase the pad’s firmness so that anti vibrating pads increase the flooring balance.

Special instructions will be provided in the package for installation and easily can install without much effort.


  • Used in all types of flooring
  • The material is very durable
  • Reduces vibration
  • It doesn’t fit all washing machine models
  • Material is very thick

2. MyLifeUNIT Shock Absorbing Washer Pads, Anti-Vibration Washer Mat Protector for Washing Machine

The anti vibrating MYLifeUNIT pad is made of EVA material durable for long serving time. The pads are easy to install and very convenient to adjust the pads. The pads come out in black color and are free from dirt.

The anti vibrating pads measures (100 mmx100 mmx20 mm (3.9 inchx3.9 inchx0.8 inches)) and come in eight pads suitable for a big family with two washing machines. The pads are made up of EVA material, long-lasting, and the pads have anti-static and anti-resisting properties. The pads come out in a non-skid design so that slippery of the washing machine from the floor can be avoided.


  • Non-skid property
  • Easy to install
  • Material is squishy
  • Doesn’t have a long lifetime

3. STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Washer and Dryer Pads

The Steady Pad anti-vibration pads are designed to stay steady in any flooring. The micro grip installed in the grips the machine and floor will eliminate the vibration.

The nonstable washer or dryer rectified using the STEADY PAD anti vibrating pads stabilizes the vibration and reduces high decibel noise. The micro grip patterned design allows the washer or the dryer to stay steady in all types of flooring. STEADY-PAD is built from heavy-duty pads designed to blend with hard durometer rubbers, which makes the rubbers long last and stay firm.


  • Hard rubbers
  • Easy to install
  • It doesn’t create a fuss
  • Vibrating reduction is a little less
  • Not good as other products

4. Silent Feet Vibration Isolating Pads for Washing Machines and Dryers

The Silent Feet vibrating pads are suitable for top and front load machines. The isolating pads can eliminate up to 94.7% of the noise produced by the washing machine. The pads installed in the washing machine eliminate the movement of the appliance.

The installation is simply incredible, and no tools or adhesives are used to install anti vibrating pads. The pads ultimately lift the machine to 5/8″ so that it will be easy to clean.

Sorbothane polymer technology used in Silent Feet anti vibrating pads can be used In front and top-loading washing machines. The anti vibrating pads used in washers and dryers are suitable for all floors like tile, concrete, wood, vinyl, and other solid surfaces. The anti vibration pads come out with ten years of limited warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Hard rubber
  • It doesn’t slip the machine
  • Low anti vibrating results compared to other pads

5. Milcraft Anti vibration Pads for Anti-vibration and Anti-Walk Washer and Dryer Anti Slip Mat with Rubber Technology

Milcraft anti vibrating pads are mainly used in washing machines to reduce the noise produced by the washer and dryer. The anti vibrating pads are designed with special gripping tools and are suitable for all floors.

The rubbers are thick and stiff, so it gets to the floor, avoiding the movement of the washing machine. The anti vibration pads come with a shock absorber that easily eliminates the washing machine’s noise. The material is designed with a gripping quality so that the anti skid and walking of the appliance can be ignored.

Milcraft anti vibration pads come out in four pads and directly go to the legs of the washer. In the case of the manual washing machine, two sets of pads can be utilized. The pads come with stabilizing support so that the walking of the appliance can be minimized.

These pads can be used for other appliances like refrigerators and other heavy types of machinery.

Four stable pads are used to resist vibration, and it balances the floor machine to cancel noise emitting from the machine.


  • Thick rubber used
  • Easy to install
  • Vibration may increase after usage
  • Slippery

6. RevTime Anti-Vibration Mats/pads

The RevTime anti-vibration pads are made of soft, granular material neglecting vibration sounds of the washing machine. The pads have anti-fatigue properties, withstand any floor, and offer protection.

The washing machine’s vibration can be reduced, and the contact between the floor and machine can be eliminated with these tough hard anti vibrating pads. These anti vibration pads can also be used for other appliances like dryers, dish-washers, or even a portable workout mat.

The anti vibrating pad can withstand heavy equipment, so vibration is easily eliminated. The vibrations can be easily eliminated by installing the pads underneath the washing machine. These anti vibration pads are a kind of mat that can be easily placed under your appliances.


  • No-slip design with thick and heavy rubber
  • Offers protection to floors
  • The product is a little smelly
  • Very hard to cut and use

7. Rubber-Cal Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Mat

The Rubber-Cal is a thick anti vibrating pad made from recycled rubber. The pads are made of tough material that reduces the noise of the washing machine.

The pad is 1/4 and 3/8 inch thick made of tough materials to eliminate the vibration in the washing machine. It is used in residential places, reduces noise from the washing machine, and gives a calm home atmosphere.

The anti vibration pads are 100% recycled from the rubber tires works well in reducing noise outputting from your appliance. These are easily portable, have excellent anti vibration properties, and protect your floor.


  • Tough mat
  • Absorbs vibration easily
  • It doesn’t eliminate all vibration

8. Shop Fox W1322 Anti-Vibration Pad

ShopFox comes out with a neoprene rubber that reduces slipperiness, protects tools, and reduces vibration in washing machines. These anti vibrating pads are customizable and can be easily installed. The anti vibrating pads measure 36 by 24 by 1/8 inch, and they are long-lasting pads.


  • Made of neoprene rubber
  • Long-lasting
  • Pads may tear-out
  • Soft and easily tearable

9. IncStores 1/2 Inch Thick Laundry Machine Anti Vibration Mat

The IncStores are made of extra-thick rubber for washers and dryers used for washing machines made from nonporous recycled material. The material is half inch thick and measures 28″ x 34″.

IncStores are heavy duty rubber mats good for vibration absorption, and they are easy to clean, which will reduce the washing machine noise and bring a peaceful atmosphere. The heavy duty rubber is moisture free and protects the washing machine from vibration, and is easy to clean.


  • Protects the floor
  • Vibration is highly reduced
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Not a heavy-duty material
  • Lifetime is low

10. Heavy Duty Anti vibration isolation pads

The heavy duty vibration pad comes in 6″ X 6″ X 7/8″ measurement with a ribbed rubber and a blue foam present inside the rubber.

The vibration pads come in a quantity of four, and it is not affected by oil and any other chemicals. The rubber is designed in ribbed rubber with a blue foam center that eliminates the vibration highly.


  • Vibration can be easily eliminated
  • Stabilizer pads
  • Easy to install
  • Horrendous smell
  • Less lifetime

Reducing noise in the washing machine is very important as it leads to a healthy neighborhood.

The above anti vibrating pads are used to eliminate the vibration in the washing machine. Tough and thick materials are available in the market, and the anti vibrating pads come out in different materials and characteristics. Choosing the best one eliminates the vibration and results in a noise-free environment.


How to choose an anti vibration pad?

Look into the properties and characteristics of the material, and the material has to thoroughly eliminate the vibration of the washing machine.

What material absorbs vibration the best?

Rubber is the best material for absorbing vibration; the heavy duty rubber has to be chosen so the vibration of the appliance can be easily absorbed.

How do anti vibration pads work?

The anti vibration pads installed under the washing machine eliminate the noise by absorbing it.

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