50 Mil vs 80 Mil Sound Deadening: Which Is Better?

Enjoying long drives or road trips with friends is the best thing to do on summer weekends or summer vacations. Still, if the noise in your car is annoying you or your friends more than you are enjoying the get-together, you need to soundproof your vehicle. Soundproofing is a profound concept that we will discuss in this article and understand the differences between 50 mil vs 80 mil sound deadening materials.

We understand that a road trip with friends or family is one of the best experiences you can have in summer, especially if you want to have a good time with them. Driving your car away from the noise of the city down to an expressway and the best part, singing with friends along with the sound system, is one of the experiences that set you free from lifes chaos and gives you a chance to become carefree for that movement. Still, suppose your car is poorly insulated.

In that case, it can quickly ruin your lifelong remembering road and turn it into an odd silence as the tunes from the music system would be covered out by the everlasting rattling noise of your car.

Are you also facing such issues as unnecessary rattling from your car? Do you also wait long to enjoy yourself with friends or family but get annoyed by your cars constant rattling or vibrating noise?

But now you dont have to face the same because we have the best sound reducing or deadening materials for cars and other automobiles available on the market.

This article will discuss 50 mil vs 80 mil sound deadening materials used in soundproofing automotive.

With these soundproofing materials, you will only hear the music from your cars sound system whenever you drive your car. Along with discussing and comparing these two (50 mils and 80 mils) soundproofing materials,

Soundproofing And 50 Mil Vs 80 Mil Sound Deadening Materials

You can see the effect of soundproofing only if you do it in the right way; otherwise, it is a waste of money and time. And one of the most critical factors on which the effectiveness of soundproofing depends on the sound deadening material; you can achieve perfect soundproofing only when you choose the right and the best soundproofing product as per the requirements.

And to learn proper soundproofing and resolve your noise issues, first, you have to understand the basics of soundproofing.

Therefore, we have written a simple guide to understanding sound deadening materials like mats. (most probably 50 mils or 80 mils), which sounds deadening mat you should use in a particular project, and many other things related to the thickness of sound deadening material.

Mil is a unit for measuring the thickness of sound deadening mats. And it is equal to the 1000th part of an inch.

So, lets see which thickness better eliminates the noise from your noisy space 50 mil or 80 mil sound deadening - which is more effective. But before comparing them, first, know and understand both types of sound deadening material thickness.

Various Sound-Deadening Materials – Pros & Cons?

Presently we have lots of choices when it comes to using a sound deadening material. While it might be challenging to pick the best out of the best sound deadening material, many brands compete. However, one can select a sound deadening material based on the noise type or requirements of reducing the noise.

Here is a guide that can help you buy a suitable sound deadening material for your automobile.

Kilmat 50 Mil Sound Deadening Material

Kilmat 50 mil automobile sound deadening material is available in the form of a sound deadening mat of size 50 square feet. Typically it is a butyl-based automobile sound deadener, noise insulator, and dampening material.

Characteristics Of Kilmat 50 Mil Sound Deadening Material:-

  • The Kilmat 50 mil sound automobile sound deadening material is a cost-effective sound deadener, despite being only 50 mils thick.
  • However, this sound deadener mat has high-quality sound deadening material and a deafening foil sound. One can correspondingly remove the frustrating noise or sound with this sound-deadening product.
  • Additionally, this sound deadener mat works well in reducing the noise in automobiles or cars.
  • This product can efficiently handle the rattling noises and vibrations and reduce them quickly.
  • Moreover, this 50 mil sound deadening material can deaden the noise youre your entire car as you need.
  • The product has an optimum weight ensuring efficient sound dampening and noise insulation that one could achieve from 50 mil thick sound deadening material.
Advantages Of Kilmat 50 Mil Sound deadening
  • Kilmat 50 mil sound deadening available at nominal prices.
  • It is a long-lasting sound deadening material.
Disadvantages Of Kilmat 50 Mil Sound Deadening
  • Its 50 mil thickness might not be appropriate for every use.
  • It is a lightweight material that might not provide insulation against vibrations.

Kilmat 80 Mil Sound Deadening Material

This Kilmat 80 mil sound deadening materialis available in 36 square feet mats. However, like Kilmat 50 mil automobile sound deadening material, it is also made of butyl that offers audio noise insulation and sound dampening.

Characteristics Of Kilmat 80 Mil Sound Deadening Material:-

  • This sound deadener is also made of excellent quality material, and it is affordable too.
  • Additionally, it is 1.5 times thicker than its 50 mil mats, thus providing 1.5 times more effective soundproofing than Kilmat 50 mil sound deadening material.
  • Its effectiveness increases due to the presence of automotive self-adhesive insulation - butyl.
  • Also, its perfect 0.5 Ibs weight offers the best and most efficient insulation against all the noises and sound in the automobile.
Advantages Of Using Kilmat 80 Mil Sound Deadening Material
  • This sound deading material has a perfect weight of 0.5 lbs.
  • It consists of butyl, self-adhesive insulation for automobiles.
  • Available at nominal prices and durable also.
Disadvantages Of Using Kilmat 80 Mil Sound Deadening Material
  • This material does not have a roller with it.
  • It might not be easy to install.

Noico Black 80 Mil Sound Deadening material

The Noico Black 80 mil sound deadening material is available in 36 square feet of sound deadening mats made of butyl automotive sound deadener restoration material with dampening and insulation properties.

Characteristics Of Noico 80 Mil Sound Deadening Material:-

  • This 80 mils automotive butyl and foil-based sound deadening material can be found at nominal prices.
  • Having this product for your car soundproofing is like getting an excellent quality soundproofing solution and no worries about comparing it with other materials or brands.
  • So, if you always set a comparison between space 50 mil vs 80 mil sounds deadening or sound deadeners from different brands, dont worry, as this product is best for insulating your car.
  • Like many other 80 mil sound-deadening materials, it is also 1.5 times thick and offers effective insulation against various noises in the automobile.
  • The Noico Black 80 mil sound deading material has an indicator that helps or indicates whether the sound deadener installation is correct.
  • Additionally, it also has some unique embossing on its foil, which you need to roll out with the help of a roller till it becomes plain and smooth.
  • You cannot achieve proper and effective soundproofing in your car unless the material is correctly installed. So, make the foil side perfectly plain and smooth before installing this Noico Black 80 mil sound deadening material to achieve complete noise insulation.
Advantages of using Noico Black 80 mil sound deading material
  • It is 1.5 times thicker and offers efficient soundproofing.
  • Noico Black 80 mil sound deadening mats come with an installation indicator for proper installation.
  • Its heavyweight and thickness ensure highly efficient soundproofing.
Disadvantages of using Noico Black 80 mil sound deading material
  • Material is quite heavy and can be challenging to cut in a particular shape.
  • It can be challenging to handle its installation.

Fatmat 80 Mil Sound Deadening Material

Fatmat 80 mil is aself-adhesive rattletrap sound deadening material for soundproofing a car or automobile.

Characteristics Of Fatmat 80 Mil Sound Deadening Material:-

  • This 80 mils self-adhesive sound deadening material by Fatmat is designed to dampen the noises in automobiles, reduce the sounds that occur while travelling, and absorb the vibrations caused while driving.
  • It provides effective soundproofing of your vehicle and gives you a peaceful and noise-free atmosphere by considerably reducing the annoying sounds or noises.
  • This rattletrap sounds deadening material potentially aid in reducing the unwanted and irritating noise, minimizing the effect of vibration, and reducing the road noise and the noise from exhaust and engine.
  • This 80 mil sound deadener with rattletrap can significantly reduce the sound or noise in your car and improve the audio quality of the cars sound system.
  • Its absolute 80 mil thickness absorbs the vibrations and enhances bass.
  • Also, it is flexible to work with during the installation process.
Advantages of using Fatmat 80 mil sound deadening material
  • This material comes with a heat-resilient aluminum covering.
  • It consists of a rattletrap for effective soundproofing.
  • It is loaded with a super-sticky adhesive for perfect installation.
Disadvantages of using Fatmat 80 mil sound deadening material
  • It has no particular indicator for correct installation.

Comparing Various Sound Deadening Materials For Automobiles

There are many different automobile sound deadeners available in more than one thickness. Still, the most preferred thicknesses are 50 mils or 80 mils as they are easy to install, cost-effective, and efficient in reducing noise. Though 50 mil vs 80 mil sound deadening gives different results, a brand can also have a significant impact.

So, lets compare the pros and cons of various sound deadeners available in the market:

Material BrandProsConsPriceThickness in Mil
NoicoMaterial is easy to handle while the installation process, 80 mm thick material yet lightweight, nominal price for its quality, can be used in any automobile, comes with installation indicator for correct installation.The user needs to wear gloves while installing it, unwanted rubber smell, and no roller is with it for installation, thin aluminum foil for reducing rubber smell.$69.9980 Mil and 50 Mil
KilmatQuality material at affordable cost, no smell of rubber, can be used for internal and external applications, suitable thickness but heavy, small sheets for easy installation.Sheets are stiff and can hinder installation speed; no roller with them, heavy material can be challenging to cut.$57.9980 Mil and 50 Mil
Fatmat  Available in customizable sizes, easy cutting, strong adhesive, easy to peel release paper, attach effectively to various surfaces, effective in absorbing vibrations, affordable.Prolonged strong odor after installation, challenging to remove after installation, asphalt base can increase vehicles temperature, needs some efforts while installing.$172.5080 Mil
DynamatThere is no foul odor in the material; the material is heat resilient, comes with an aluminum layer, comes in various sizes, and is flexible and stretchable.It can be challenging to install, has a high cost, has no roller, and requires special Dyna tapes for sealing after installation.$171.33-

50 Mil Vs 80 Mil Sound Deadening – What To Choose?

1. Soundproofing Effectiveness

We recommend you pick up 80 mils sound deadening material if you want an excellent soundproofing solution. As the 80 mil sound choosing material is thicker, it will provide a better absorption against vibration and reduce overall noise.

While you might not get the same effective results with a 50 mil sound deadening material.

2. Installation

A 50 mil sound deadening material is relatively easy to install as it is thin.

On the other hand, you might face some trouble installing an 80 mil sound deadening material.

3. Price

50 mil sound deadening materials are available at cheap rates.

While 80 mil sound deadening materials are not that cheap, they are affordable for their quality.


Which is better among 50 mils and 80 mil sound deadening materials?

If observing based on thickness, an 80 mil soundproofing material is better.

Is it reasonable to buy 80 mil sound deadening materials?

An 80 mil noise muffing material can do better soundproofing, but you should not buy it if the noise level is not so dominant.

What is the suitable weight of sound deadening materials?

The ideal weight of 50 mils sound muffing material is 0.5 lbs per square foot, and 80 mils sound muffing material is 0.7 lbs per square foot.


It isnt easy to declare any of the 50 vs 80 mil sound deadening materials as the best because many brands are selling these products, and the efficiency can differ.

Also, their effects can be different on various noises and measures of noises. Thus it is best to buy a sound deadening material that you find the best price and think can be suitable for soundproofing your vehicle.

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